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Wine Down Wednesday

Wine Down Wednesdays at Ember
July 3rd, 2024 - September 25th

25% off bottles of wine $100 or more
Dine in only

Worldly Wines

Wine bottle discounts provides a specialty focus for the night. Our world wine night will consist of wines from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and more . Also, wine from California will always be a hit. Specialty tastings are a good way to show depth in telling a story about wine for our servers during the summer. In addition, regional education concentrates on a specific niche on our wine list.

Blind Tasting and Wine Pairings

Blind tasting can be fun on these nights. Cover a few wines with cloth bags and number them. People can purchase the tasting to the bill while tastings at dinner. Guess the grapes or region win a prize. Our wine expert Dennis can educate the guests on the different wines. Wine pairings could also be added with a tasting menu made by chef on these nights to help drive business.

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